Wednesday, September 10, 2014

LA ALERT: This Friday FREE in Glendale: Celebrate "Mirror" past and present with Star Trek Continues and author Marc Cushman

And all of this is free, with lots of parking!:

For you SoCal Treklanders, here's a chance THIS FRIDAY NIGHT in Glendale for a big-screen viewing of both the original HUgo-niminated "Mirror, Mirror" and the Star Trek Continues' inspired follow-up, "Fairest of Them All," with a chunk of the STC cast on hand and hosted by author Marc Cushman.

The event is actually titled "Star Trek: Past, Present and Future" and has a Facebook page; it starts at 7 p.m. at the Glendale Central Library, 222 E. Harvard in Glendale.  Marc will share notes on the TOS version from his "These Are The Voyages" book on Season 2, and then it's all capped off with a Q&A with STC cast and crew.

Unfortunately for my STC family feels, I will be in El-Paso for EP-Con—a wonderful opportunity to be with fans there and screen it—but  slated to be on hand in Glendale (check the poster (left)!) are Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Chris Doohan, Kim Stinger, Michele Specht, Asia DeMarcos, Kipleigh Brown, and co-writer/director James Kerwin — plus guests stars past and present Bobby "The Gorn" Clark and Michael "Apollo" Forrest. And "more"….in surprise...

In case you didn't hear, this is my first chance to blog it and boast like a proud uncle: STC just won "Best Web Series" at the live-streamed Geekie Awards, and only last weekend took home the festival win in New Media—Drama at the Burbank International FIlm Festival after its World Theatrical Premiere…check it out here (at left)!  

Hello, El Paso: Trekland comes to EP-Con

Hey, a quick note to everyone in the Rio Grande Border Corner of Texas/ New Mexico! The birthplace of Gene Roddenberry!

Julian and the fine folks at EPCon in El Paso are having me back THIS weekend at this multi-genre extravaganza. It's my third time in El Paso in the last three years, and the second time at EPCon.

If you're in the region, would love to see you out at the Wyndham Airport Hotel: I'm the only Trek-related guest at all, and we need to represent! Here's what I've got planned:

I'll be at my table all three days, when I'm not at these away missions:


8:30 pm: A combo of our "Trekland: Between the Cracks" show of in-jokes and insight, and the State of the Trek franchise forum for fans to vent and opine.... plus some new headlines from my Trekland projects. 


Afternoon: Some kind of hosting mischief TBA... better watch out, casue it's a mystery to me, too!

9 p.m., film program: I'll be helping to close out the weekend with a BONUS big-screen screening and post-panel Q&A: audience choice of Star Trek Continues— episode 1, 2 or 3!

10:30 pm: Another edition of the Dr. Trek Show! Crowdfunding meetup to benefit The Con of Wrath documentary—prize trivia, rare Trek clips, doc sneak peeks, and two hours to wrangle tales out of me...

Hope all Treklanders in the Rio Grande/BIg Bend country can make it out. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy 48th, Star Trek: How they sold it in '66

No— I was not there at 7:30 p.m. Central Time on Sept. 8, 1966, breathlessly awaiting the premiere of the most adult attempt at episodic, non-anthology science fiction ever on American TV.

I was just a kid, you know, and one who didn't control the TV —which was by a rotary knob...that got you to three networks and "NET". But I had heard vaguely about a show with a guy with pointed ears, and it sounded scary.  Far scarier than the Lost in Space robot that I loved to imitate on the playground at recess.

No, it took my ninth grade science teacher to "shame" me into watching Trek reruns, finally.

But it IS official Star Trek "Birth" Day today (even though, as I always point out, you can make a case for marking it from some date in 1964 related to "The Cage" as first pilot—a subject coming up in a big feature I just did for the next official Star Trek magazine from Titan, Issue 51.)

So, amid all the cool documents coming out for the 9-8-66 anniversary—I loved seeing this one, thanks to—and I'll just celebrate with it.

Look below that for a little personal add-on:  the re-run of my first-ever Star Trek T-shirt, made with a Lincoln Enterprises iron-on scene!  

Friday, September 5, 2014

A map of distant galaxies? This puts it in perspective!

Whoa, and I remember when the "little blue dot" used to refer to EARTH.  Nope, here the blue dot is the entire MILKY WAY GALAXY. But this really puts all the quadrant rivalries into perspective!

(Though I hope you still find this little reference to be of help…)

By Ken Croswell at ...

If aliens ever abduct you to a galaxy far, far away, this map might help you find your way back home. Presented online today in Naturethe map spans more than 1.5 billion light-years, coloring the densest concentrations of observed galaxies red and areas with the fewest galaxies blue. 
Your home galaxy, the Milky Way, is the blue dot at the center. The red region above the Milky Way includes Virgo, the closest galaxy cluster, about 55 million light-years from Earth. The orange curve illustrates the key finding of the new work: It encircles galaxies that would fall toward one another along the curved white lines if space weren't expanding; the astronomers have named this huge assemblage Laniakea, after Hawaiian words for "spacious heaven." It is 100 quadrillion times as massive as the sun—equivalent to 100,000 Milky Ways—and stretches across more than half a billion light-years of space. 
… more...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Niners take note: New 'On Speaker' CD #3 is now out!

The Vegas Trek sneak-peek debut is over—and Volume 3 of "Trekland: On Speaker" is here for good!

As our buds at have noted, this is the archival series that shares my long-stored, long-form audio interviews with Trek creators from back in the day—fresh from the work, and remastered from old analog cassette tape to digital files.

And as a bookend to last year's edition marking 20 years since the
TNG finale, for 2014's debut at Vegas Khhaaann we are celebrating in like fashion the 15th anniversary of "What You Leave Behind," the two-hour final chapter of DS9.

For "What They Left Behind" you get an hour and 18 minutes of revealing conversations from back in 1999-2000 with writer-producer Ron D. Moore, visual FX producer Dan Curry and supervisor Gary Hutzel, and some 25 minutes with show runner Ira Steven Behr—with not a shallow sound bite in sight. Plus, as an actual CD in jewel case, you get my three-panel liner notes, photos and context, along with my brief audio intros to the album and each guest. 

I'll even sign it for you! 

On my website, you can get yours—or check out the two-fer special if you get the new issue and Vol. 2 as well: the  similar disc celebrating  "All Good Things…," TNG's glorious ending.  (At the moment, Vol. 1 —"Future Voices, Passed"—is not available in hard copy, but will soon be downloadable; stay tuned.)

Once again, hats off to buddy Chris Jones at Debris for both his graphics on the case liner design and for the audio remastering project (and for the nice shout-out on "The Ready Room" news). And kudos to QBT Media in Monrovia, all the CDs I now have in stock are professionally printed and pressed. Many thanks also to everyone at Vegas Khhaaan who snapped one up, including everyone on the LA2Vegas Trek Tour who took me up on my special just for them!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trekland hits Vegasland 2014: Tour, trivia, TNG, The Experience

Whoa, here it is—where you Vegasites will find me at the Rio after our LA2Vegas Trek Tour
comes rolling in Tuesday night, and our "Kirk memorial" day trip to the Valley of Fire.

Special note this year: The annual debut of TREKLAND: On Speaker! This year, it's  Vol. 3, "DS9's Finale: What They Left Behind," on the 15th anniversary of the 2-hour epic and the end of the series!

You can also find Vol. 2 at my TABLE, but specific hours will be posted this year. Still working on that—check in later.


9 pm, Masquerade Bar (casino): Really? Our fourth annual preview-night "Landing Party" sponsored by Trekland, Mission Log Podcast and Glue Guns and Phasers. Fun and prizes and a hard-core's early-bird meetup of your Vegas regulars!  Hope I'm not too sunburned.

12:30 pm.:  Rapid-Fire Trivia—the return of this pretty simple trivia bash with prizes supplied by our freinds at CBS Consumer Products. Just me and you... just get in line!

9 p.m.: Special screening off-site (Brenden Theaters,  across the street 2 blocks west) of THE GREEN GIRL, bio-documentary about Susan "Vina" Oliver and her long career, studio rebel, speed pilot/driver life, and early push as a female director. I was one of many to talk on camera for director George Pappy, including Celeste Yarnell. Panel afterwards! Only 96 seats: Some seats still available (online only).

11:55 pm: Special free screening off-site (AMC Town Square, on the Strip) of "Fairest of Them All," Star Trek Continues' "Mirror, Mirror" followup.  I am still proud to remain as a creative consultant. Panel afterward includes most of crew and cast present.


Daytime: At the table, but check hours: I'll be doing vidchats at times.


Daytime: Same as Friday, but get for a little cosplay surprise...

9-11 p.m.:  My Rio room 18006: The annual "Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder to benefit THE CON OF WRATH: $20 not only gets you a screen credit but also a shot at prize trivia, rare Trek video and sneak peeks at the docs so far. And a shot at getting some more Trek tales out of me.

1:50 pm:  Panel talk; "20th Anniversary of the TNG Finale" This will be fun, and I have a surprise reading: The Lost Draft of the theft of the Enterprise-D!

5:20: "We Touched the Future: The Impact of Star Trek: The Experience"—panel with STTE veterans and fans/coworkers from the audience.

You're not coming to any of these by now unless you're already AT Vegas. Hope to see you, off this quick intro!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

And...we're off! The 2014 LA2Vegas Trek Tour has sailed

Yep, the Trek Tour 2014 is underway!

Social media will chart our progress, under #trektour and #LA2Vegas on Twitter, for one thing, but —in this crazy week twixt Comic-Con and Trek Vegas.... here's at least a look at our launch: the Saturday afternoon welcome dinner at Lucy's across from Paramount, where Gene and Co. would water (especially after Nickodell's closed and was swallowed up by the expanded front of the Paramount lot, circa 1993.)

A good group, don't you think? And we're even missing one late arrival. More Aussies and Brits than Americans... some Vegas vets, some newbies... and you can meet them all in just a few days at Vegas.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trekland at Comic-Con San Diego: fast and furious edition

Considering this IS Thursday already of my two-day #SDCC visit cut short by the LA2Vegas Trek Tour start on Saturday back in LA.... here it is: Short and sweet!

My stuff--in the strictest sense:

2:30-6 pm—Autograph Alley signing, Sails Pavilion

2:30-7 pm—Autograph Alley signing, Sails Pavilion

8-9 pm—Room 28DE: State of the Trek fan forum, where we all can learn from each other.  (Click on that link to give me a head count, if you are plannign to come.)

But, in this very tight two weeks—that's it.

Note that we are NOT having a Dr. Trek fundraiser this year for "The Con of Wrath:" I'm simply too pressed for time to put my shoulder into it this year, as it needs to be done, so I'll catch you hard-cores Saturday night in Vegas!

Still, there's a slew of Trek related programming and vets going on here too—the most in ages. I'm looking forward to seeing my old boss Dan Madsen, who's running the Her Universe fashion show tonight for Ashley Eckstein. Some of my good Trekland buds doing panels and such on the list here I'm going to have to miss by leaving "early," or even via overlaps (I'm looking at you, my new Nobility castmates), but that the way the tourbus tumbles.